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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Waking up every morning is a blessing =)

Hello! I'm alive =D Thank God for that =D. I was really dead tired on Friday =\ Waking up at 5 30 AM and lecture on 8AM and having a 5hours break with nothing to do and another 3 hours lecture is seriously crazy -__- It's like having your life force sucked out from you!

My Original Business Meme!

So lately I've been posting up memes on Taylor's meme! That awesome feeling when many people likes your photo =D. Really happy that people actually like it =) I should definitely make more =D. I like the memes created by other people too! They are really funny =) Glad that there's so many awesome people out there!

Damon and Elena

Vampire Diaries! BEST SERIES EVER which I AM SERIOUS! If you haven't watch it yet then you better start now before it's not late. Love the latest episode =) really awesome and touching as well. I feel so sad for Damon =\ He is always there for Elena and would do everything for her because He is in love with her. He is like the sweetest guy ever but then Elena just have to push him away and love that terrible Stefan =O.

How could she do such a thing!? You don't tell someone "Maybe that's the problem" when someone says "I'm mad at you because I love you". I'll always remember what Damon said "I care too much. I'm a liability". That's just so damn sad! Well in the end he hooked up with that badass original vampire Rebekah! Oh well I think this is what happens when you got pushed away by someone who you love =\

Damn it's true =\

Ohmy =O I find this damn true! but then we will never know what's happening behind the screen unless we ask =\ but whatever man screw it! No point thinking so much about it =\ I have something more important to focus on! Myself =D Got to do my best in everything I do right now. No more screwing things up! But sometimes I do miss those times... but not now boy =\ not now.

I was bored =\

Let's see hmm what else did I do today? OH! I watched Southpark =D Super hillarious. Some of the episodes are just soo funny and stupid haha. Abit of League of Legends! won 3 games if I'm not wrong and got myself Ziggs. Got to admit he is quite fun to play with. Studied abit? gonna do all my homeworks tomorrow =\ hope I have nothing on tomorrow!

I really do =)

Oh well I guess that's all I wanted to blog about! Valentine's coming soon hmm -__- alot of people will be sending out chocolates and cards flowers whatever man I shall say this like how Eric Cartman from Southpark would say it "Screw You Guys! I'm going home". Bye people!

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